Jobs & Training

Several types of work will be available at Bam’idizowigamig. There will be woodshop jobs, screen printing jobs, work in marketing, shipping, office management and food preparation. Experience is not required. On-the-job training will be available. There will also be opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business to have coaching and technical support at no cost.

Bam’idizowigamig Creator’s Place will pay White Earth Tribal minimum wage, which is $16.00 an hour as of March 2021. Participants will be paid once a week and can work up to 15 hours per week.

Applications will be available in our building at 48513 Pow Wow Hwy, Pine Point, MN 56575 . Phone number coming soon. Creator’s Place LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

For more details, please send us your contact information below: